Price Change: See ALL Festival Shows For Only $10!

You read correctly!  With the addition of a partner (the wonderful people at Murfie), we are proud to announce that we are lowering the price of our complete festival wristbands to $10.  This means that you can see all of our 14 (or so) shows for only ten bucks!

If you were thinking of seeing even two shows that weekend, you’d get your money’s worth.  Since the festival is completely for charity, we think it’s important to make it as accessible as possible.  We hope you’ll agree that $10 for complete access to all of our shows, featuring over 70 bands, is one helluva deal.

Were you one of the early adopters to already buy your wristbands?  Don’t worry!  We’ll be contacting you shortly to refund the extra or offer you an extra wristband (your choice).

John Praw & the Lost City Planning Crew