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LCMF 2013 Comp

To help get you excited about the the second annual Lost City Music Festival, Mine All Mine presents this collection of songs highlighting 20 of the excellent and diverse acts performing this year. This free compilation ventures from slow-core to heavy hitting rock tunes; from ambient to folk; and beyond. The Lost City Music Festival 2013 will be held from August 8th to 11th at several Madison venues, including the High Noon Saloon, Bright Red Studios and the Dragonfly Lounge. Get your full pass festival wrist band here.

Editor’s Note:
All songs copyright their respective artists. Compiled by John Praw. This compilation is in order by artist appearance. See the full Lost City Music Festival 2013 schedule here.

Track List:
01. Bell Monks – let the waves carry us
02. Nude Human – Nude Human 1 (Preview)
03. Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps – Hot Lunch
04. Softly, Dear (Melange)
05. Temple – Warm Chamber
06. Mutts – If It’s Hot It’ll sell
07. Kitty Rhombus – Daughters’
08. Tigerlance – HALLOFAME
09. Dog Hotel – FFF
10. Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band – Cassidy
11. SiLas Be – Future Self Eulogy
12. Bill Villain – Bomb Goes Büm
13. gregory taylor – homeruslaan
14. John Praw – The Speed Of Which Is Undeteremined
15. Sisters Three – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Original Theater Score [excerpt]
16. Chants – Hourglass
17. Snouts – Or Two
18. Landmarks – Cuscutta
19. el-tin fun – Static Clouds
20. Owls, Foxes and Sebastian – Ramble On

Release Date:
05 August 2013

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Announcing the Lost City Music Festival 2013 Schedule & Pricing

Lost City Music Festival Wristbands

NOTE: LCMF 2012 wristbands shown above. 2013 color differs.

Finally!  After much coordination and collaboration, we can finally announce the schedule and complete lineup for the Lost City Music Festival 2013.  Read on below for all of the shows.  There are some awesome things happening, including several release celebrations (some TBA).

Individual shows will cost $7, with a portion of all proceeds benefiting local music charities.  Full-pass wristbands are available for only $12!  

Grab your wristband here.

Thursday, August 8th

@ the High Noon Saloon

8:00 PM – Bell Monks (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Lovely Socialite + Nude Human (MADISON)
10:30 PM – Fort Wilson Riot (MINNEAPOLIS)
11:30 PM – Softly, Dear (EAU CLAIRE)

Friday, August 9th

@ the High Noon Saloon

10:30 PM – Temple (MADISON + MILWAUKEE)
11:30 PM – Mutts (CHICAGO)
12:30 AM – Kitty Rhombus (MADISON + MINNEAPOLIS)

@ the Dragonfly Lounge

9:30 PM – Tigerlance (ANN ARBOR)
10:30 PM – Dog Hotel (MADISON)
11:30 PM – Filter Free Rodeo (MILWAUKEE)
12:30 AM – TT & the Night Owls (MADISON)

Saturday, August 10th

@ the Dragonfly Lounge

9:30 PM – Casey Foubert (MADISON)
10:30 PM – Coyotes (NEW ORLEANS)
11:30 PM – Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band (MILWAUKEE)
12:30 AM – Building on Buildings (MADISON)

@ Bright Red Studios

5:00 PM – SiLas Be (MADISON)
5:45 PM – Bill Villain [Ambient Set] (MADISON)
6:30 PM – Gregory Taylor (MADISON)
7:15 PM – John Praw & the North American Council for a Moonless Tomorrow (MADISON)
8:45 PM – The Sisters 3 [DB Pedersen + Brothers Grimm] (MADISON)
9:30 PM – Weather Duo (MADISON)
10:15 PM – Chants (MADISON)

Sunday, August 11th

@ Bright Red Studios

7:00 PM – Snouts (MADISON)
8:00 PM – Landmarks (CHICAGO)
9:00 PM – El-Tin Fun (MADISON)
10:00 PM – Awkward Terrible (MILWAUKEE)
11:00 PM – Owls, Foxes and Sebastian (MADISON)

@ ??????

?:?? ?? – TBA

Announcing the Lost City Winter Series 2012-2013

Mine All Mine & the Lost City crew are proud to announce the Lost City Winter Series 2012-2013. A “spiritual successor” to last year’s Mine All Mine Winter Series, shows will be held at the Dragonfly Lounge every other week all winter long. The series features many local and regional artists seen at the Lost City Music Festival 2012, plus newcomers to the scene.

Highlights include the Winter Series Kick-Off Party on December 21st (the first day of winter), and the Winter Series Finale on March 19th (the last day of winter).  The Winter Series Finale will feature Madison-favorites Man Mantis and Double Ewes, with a headlining set from Ever Ending Kicks (featuring Paul from Mt. Eerie, Motorbikes, LAKE, etc).

Each show will include special, hand-crafted merchandise (limited edition posters, screen printed shirts, etc.), and 25% of ticket sales will go toward the Lost City Music Festival 2013.  Oh yes, we will be doing it all again next summer, and we need your help to make it even better than ever.  Hit up one or more of our shows this winter, snag some merch, and support doing big things in local music!

Below, you will find the complete series schedule and lineup. Show times and participants are subject to change. Tickets available soon.

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