About The Venues (And Our Sponsor!)

Hello again!

In the last week since officially announcing the festival, things have been sort of crazy.  First of all, the response to the festival has been exciting.  We’ve gotten lots of great ideas and feedback on where we are and where we should go.  Thanks to those of you who have started following and sharing our updates on facebook!  We also have a twitter account (for updating you on artist start times), an an official mailing list.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the Lost City Music Festival 2012 now has an official sponsor!  Murfie, a unique new music market built in the heart of Madison, has generously offered to help cover our costs and partner with us in this endeavor.  More importantly, Murfie is dedicated to helping us give back to the community.   Though we were avoiding a sponsor initially, Murfie is really interested in working toward making this festival a success – we really appreciate their earnest enthusiasm.  Expect more information on this partnership, but for now, expect to see plenty of Murfie folks volunteering at the festival.  Check them out on facebook, and their website.

Now, without further ado, check out the venues at this year’s Lost City Music Festival!

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