Lost City Music Festival 2012 Officially Announced!

We can’t hide it anymore!

Over 160 bands have been invited, and of those, we’re whittling the list down to ~40 bands to perform from July 5th to July 8th in nine epic showcases!  The process isn’t easy, that’s for sure.  The caliber of bands interested in playing our little festival was beyond our wildest dreams, and we are grateful to be in this position.  Of the bands invited, over 75 confirmed availability for the festival.  It’s interesting to see that we would need literally 20 shows to contain all the awesome bands that want to play!

After a few short months of planning and networking, it’s clear that the Lost City Music Festival fills a definite cultural void in the area.  There just isn’t anything like it in Madison anymore, so we’re bringing it back!  Check back soon for confirmed venues and bands.

Here are a few things to expect:

  • 40+ bands from the Midwest, plus a few outliers
  • FREE seminars on ethnomusicology, the music industry, music gear & more
  • FREE exclusive film screenings
  • FREE improv masterclasses
  • The world’s first roast beef sandwich festival venue
  • The world’s first music festival bowling tournament
  • A super secret Sunday show

There’s so much more to tell you!  But just one more bit of info: all shows will cost $5 each, and almost all shows are all-ages!

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Talk to you soon!
John Praw & the Lost City Planning Crew

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