Comedy Night at Lost City Music Festival 2013

Comedy at the Lost City Music Festival 2013!

In addition to all the great bands playing this year’s Lost City Music Festival, we are excited to finally add comedy into the mix! We’re huge comedy fans over here, so this new addition to the Festival is no surprise.

Catch some of the best in Madison’s comedy scene, including Dan Potacke, Chris Lay, Sarah Connor, Nate Bjork and Stacey Kulow, as well as a surprise set by hip-hop absurdists Fambly Fun!.

Comedy Night at the Lost City Music Festival 2013 starts at 7:00 PM sharp on Friday, August 9th at Bright Red Studios. As with all shows in this year’s Festival, tickets are $7. Your $12 full pass wristband will get you in, too, so pick one up here if you haven’t yet!

For more information, check out the facebook event here.

Announcing the Lost City Music Festival 2013 Schedule & Pricing

Lost City Music Festival Wristbands

NOTE: LCMF 2012 wristbands shown above. 2013 color differs.

Finally!  After much coordination and collaboration, we can finally announce the schedule and complete lineup for the Lost City Music Festival 2013.  Read on below for all of the shows.  There are some awesome things happening, including several release celebrations (some TBA).

Individual shows will cost $7, with a portion of all proceeds benefiting local music charities.  Full-pass wristbands are available for only $12!  

Grab your wristband here.

Thursday, August 8th

@ the High Noon Saloon

8:00 PM – Bell Monks (MADISON)
9:00 PM – Lovely Socialite + Nude Human (MADISON)
10:30 PM – Fort Wilson Riot (MINNEAPOLIS)
11:30 PM – Softly, Dear (EAU CLAIRE)

Friday, August 9th

@ the High Noon Saloon

10:30 PM – Temple (MADISON + MILWAUKEE)
11:30 PM – Mutts (CHICAGO)
12:30 AM – Kitty Rhombus (MADISON + MINNEAPOLIS)

@ the Dragonfly Lounge

9:30 PM – Tigerlance (ANN ARBOR)
10:30 PM – Dog Hotel (MADISON)
11:30 PM – Filter Free Rodeo (MILWAUKEE)
12:30 AM – TT & the Night Owls (MADISON)

Saturday, August 10th

@ the Dragonfly Lounge

9:30 PM – Casey Foubert (MADISON)
10:30 PM – Coyotes (NEW ORLEANS)
11:30 PM – Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band (MILWAUKEE)
12:30 AM – Building on Buildings (MADISON)

@ Bright Red Studios

5:00 PM – SiLas Be (MADISON)
5:45 PM – Bill Villain [Ambient Set] (MADISON)
6:30 PM – Gregory Taylor (MADISON)
7:15 PM – John Praw & the North American Council for a Moonless Tomorrow (MADISON)
8:45 PM – The Sisters 3 [DB Pedersen + Brothers Grimm] (MADISON)
9:30 PM – Weather Duo (MADISON)
10:15 PM – Chants (MADISON)

Sunday, August 11th

@ Bright Red Studios

7:00 PM – Snouts (MADISON)
8:00 PM – Landmarks (CHICAGO)
9:00 PM – El-Tin Fun (MADISON)
10:00 PM – Awkward Terrible (MILWAUKEE)
11:00 PM – Owls, Foxes and Sebastian (MADISON)

@ ??????

?:?? ?? – TBA

Announcing Lost City Music Festival 2013: August 8th-11th

Lost City Music Festival 2013

Mine All Mine Records is proud to announce the second annual Lost City Music Festival in Madison, Wisconsin. The festival will be held from August 8th to 11th with shows at the High Noon Saloon, the Dragonfly Lounge and Bright Red Studios (+ one announced secret venue).

After the success of last year’s festival, the crew behind the Lost City Music Festival decided to aim for focus with the second iteration. This year, the Lost City crew has put a heavier emphasis on local acts and tightly paired billings. The Lost City Music Festival 2013 will be an even better experience than before.

The Lost City Music Festival was founded in part to fill a cultural gap the crew perceived. That is, a low-cost music event featuring a range of styles and a focus on local and regional artists. The crew has continued to listen to the community’s concerns and needs in regards to last year’s music festival and the scene(s) as a whole.

In keeping with that tradition, all performers at the Lost City Music Festival 2013 will be fairly compensated for their contributions. A portion of all sales will continue to benefit local music charities, and artists will be given the option to donate to these charities at their own discretion.

Lineup (in alphabetical order):

Awkward Terrible
Bell Monks
Bill Villain
Brothers Grimm
Building on Buildings
Casey Foubert
DB Pedersen
Dog Hotel
El-Tin Fun
Filter Free Rodeo
Fort Wilson Riot
Gregory Taylor
John Praw
Kitty Rhombus
Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps
Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band
Nude Human
Owls, Foxes and Sebastian
SiLas Be
Softly, Dear
The North American Council for a Moonless Tomorrow
The Sisters 3
TT & the Night Owls
Weather Duo

See the full schedule here.

We hope you’ll join us August 8th-11th for the Lost City Music Festival 2013! In the mean time, join us on Facebook or Twitter.